Please access the server via any of the following methods:

  • Go to and create a free account.
  • On mobile or tablet download and install the Plex app and create an account.
  • On Roku or Tivo add Plex to your streaming channels and login to your account created elsewhere.
  • A full, searchable Video & Chapter Directory for all Lowe Family Videos is available for viewing or download here: 

After you have an account on Plex please notify Tom. After you are granted access you will be able to navigate Tom's Plex server in a similar fashion to any other streaming service. There are over 600 movies in addition to Family videos that are streamable. Individual Chapters are available for access vai the GUI on any device. You may need to hunt around or ask Tom on the easiest method to access Chapters. If you are experiencing lots of buffering, go to settings "icon" in lower right-hand of most screens, go to play back settings, show all, and switch to a lower quality.