The Family Gallery has been upgraded significantly in 2019. Here are some tips for using the gallery.

  • Normal intuitive usage, click/touch as normal, on mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Gallery hierarchy is: Gallery >> Albums (years) >> Sub-albums within years >> 3rd level albums  (for special occasions such as,  Kenya, Puerto Rico, etc.)
  • Clicking on an image or clicking on image caption invoke two diffferently formatted galleries. The caption link provides extra capabilities, but not a responsive interface.
  • If you want to share any image just long press and use the options provided by your browser.

Navigation options:

  • Clicking on the image in an album page and will load a responsive gallery. Images can be swiped right/left. Controls are  in upper right, with slide show available.
  • Mobile devices can be rotated for full screen.
  • Click on the "caption" under an image invokes a different gallery.  The blue "i" accesses EXIF data which shows image data.
  • Under each caption are the relevent tags. Click on a tag and all images in the gallery for that tag will load.

How to navigate videos.  Videos are always the top left album in the gallery:

  • Navigate to the year you want to view and click.
  • Click the video you want to view. Choices available here are not obvious, shown in image capture below.
  • Clicking on far Upper left icon presents a playlist menu within that years video clips.
  • Clicking the round  "L" Icon takes you to the "Lowe" channel, click on "Playlists" for all family videos sorted by year.

Memory Map:

  • There is a google map presented at the bottom of every album page showing where each picture was taken. (if no GPS coordinates are present, the page will be absent)
  • You can drill down on a map to each picture, and where it was taken, and it's Tags.
  • Navigate map by dragging with two fingers.

Archive View & Tag View

  • At the very bottom of all pages is a link to "Archive View"
  • Archve View shows dynamic sub-albums by Year/Month for history of gallery.
  • Scrolling further down show the "Tags" available. Clicking on a Tag shows all images for that tag.
  • For exmple clicking the "Parker" tag, currently yields 1957 images of Parker, which will be sorted by date, earliest to latest.
  • Navigation through all album pages is presented at top & bottom of each page.


  • Any text, or tag, etc, can be searched , from search Icon top right.

Extra capabilities:

  • If using an Android phone, navigate to
  • Click "Add to Home screen" in browser menu.
  • Using the new generated home screen shortcut will now invoke a "Progressive Web App" which makes the gallery more visually immersive on Android, with no browser elements.